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  • Lymphatic Forum, June 8-10, 2017, Chicago, IL
  • Biogen Idec | Novartis | MIT | Whitehead Institute, June 21, 2017, Boston, MA
  • Mayo Clinic, June 28, 2017, Rochester, MN 

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  • Get Free Gelatin-Based Coating Solution per primary cell order,  which can be used for most primary cell culture from CellBiologics through 2017.


About Us

Our Company

CellBiologics Company


Cell Biologics is a premier manufacturer of primary cultured cells and cell culture products. We provide a broad range more than 1300+ of high-quality human and animal primary cells including endothelial, epithelial, bone marrow, tumor and stem cells from normal or diseased tissues, along with optimized cell culture media and other related products.

The company was the first to develop a novel proprietary technology to culture mouse primary endothelial cells. These cells have been extremely beneficial for many types of studies in areas such as vascular biology, vascular diseases, blood brain barrier research, cancer research and metastasis, angiogenesis, drug targeting and a verity of other areas basic and clinical/translational studies.  We provide these and other cells in a cost effective manner saving investigators time, money, and laboratory costs.  We also provide custom ordered cells from genetically modified mice and other animal models in a timely, cost-efficient and reproducible manner.

In addition to the Company's commitment is providing high quality cells world-wide, we are also developing therapeutic platforms targeting inflammatory diseases and novel drug delivery systems for therapeutic biologics as well as molecular biology products.


The goal of our scientists and staff is to provide you with the best human and animal primary cells for your research needs and to provide customized solutions to your specific research problems. We guarantee high quality service.

Thank you!

Cell Biologics